Agency History

RM Factory was founded in 2006 by Ellen Ryan and Jeff Perlman. After spending multiple decades on Madison Avenue and on the client side, they wanted to craft a better way to deliver marketing and sales innovation to their clients. The goal was two-fold – to be able to consistently deliver impressive results, without bringing the bureaucracy, high costs or army of people to get the job done. And secondly, to create a working environment that enabled the company to be nimble, accountable and cost effective, while at the same time providing employees with a real work/life balance model that is unattainable in a regular bricks and mortar operation. As a 100% virtual company, we attract top talent from coast to coast, which avails our clients unsurpassed marketing and sales stewardship.

We're a diverse group of individuals, pedigreed in direct marketing and CRM, with backgrounds in marketing, sales, communications, media buying and planning, cultural anthropology, linguistics, analytics, psychology, as well as social and behavioral sciences. Furthermore, our senior team has held executive and c-level roles, spearheading CRM and loyalty marketing initiatives across some of the largest global agency networks in the world.

Why RM Factory?

It's simple. To win in the marketplace, you need to make an impact. That means optimizing all of your sales channels and customer touch points, and turning every potential lead into a revenue generating opportunity. At RM Factory, we're committed to creating a brand experience that is compelling, consistent, and measurable – one that will improve your sales performance from the bottom up and deliver a stronger return on your marketing investment.