Our Services

RM Factory is a sales enablement and marketing agency that creates marketing and sales content, and develops and operationalizes marketing and sales strategies. These strategies are executed through multi-modal campaigns connecting clients to their prospects, customers, and/or business leads. Architecting, managing and optimizing online and offline sales and service programs for B2C, B2B and B2G programs is a core expertise.

RM Factory provides three main points of differentiation:

  • Speed to market
  • Measurable ROI
  • A cost effective virtual operating model.

What can take months for most agencies is well-designed and executed in days or weeks due to deep relationships in the industry, utilization of state of the art sales and marketing technology and results-driven commitment.

With deep roots in direct and customer relationship management, RM Factory focuses on client ROI and cost savings through a series of codified processes and methodologies and keeps a laser focus on operational management. Our service offerings fall under the following categories:

1. Expansion Planning. Expansion Planning is the strategic aspect of what we do. It involves using business, market and consumer insights to identify means to expand and grow your share of market.

2. Marketing Blueprint. The marketing blueprint is the development of all of the required marketing and sales platforms that enable us to deliver on your brand promise, and to reach your business goals and objectives.

3. Sales Alignment. Sales and Marketing alignment is a fundamental necessity for organizations seeking to grow revenue and deepen current customer relationships. We understand the mission critical connection and the requirements of bridging the gap between these two business practices and build our strategies with this knowledge as the core underpinning to drive your business forward.

4. Directional Insight. We use data driven insights to understand if you are collecting the right information from prospects and customers and deliver business insights that help you understand if you are listening to what your customers/prospects are saying, and applying it in a meaningful way.

5. Multicultural Marketing through Dex Direct. Dex Direct is a strategic alliance between RM Factory and the well known established NY multicultural agency, d exposito & Partners. Collectively we offer a full suite of marketing and sales capabilities to help you reach ethnic markets.

6. iQueue. iQueue is a full service contact center that enables real time, live channel testing of scripting, copy, positioning, offers, and approach, across a multitude of channels so that you can react quickly to the market and increase sales.